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Q: Any suggestions on how to build a strong Diablo 3 character?
A: One way that i like is to build a character is to follow the example of the top Diablo 3 players in the world.  Looking at how they are building there characters and coping what they have done has worked well for me.
There are 3 websites that i would recomend using to figure out how to build a Diablo 3 character

Website 1
This website pulls the stats from the top players in the world and shows you what skills they are useing. 

From the home page select the current season and play style that you are interested in.  In this screen shot i have selected the Season 12 Hardcore builds.  it is labled "S12 Builds HC". 
Tip: Often times hardcore builds are different from Softcore builds.  This help file is focused on Hardcore builds.
Tip: This page will show you the most popular builds for each class.  If you wish to see other builds for each class click on the link "[SEE TOP 10 BUILDS]"

Scroll down to see the class that you are interested in.

In this example 41.5% of the top Demon hunters are using these skills.  You can also select several of the top people to see what gear and skills they are individually using.  In this case i opened all of the top 10 players and they are all using the "The Shadows Mantel" set.  So this is the set that i am going to research and learn more about.

Website 2
The second website that i would recomend looking at is the ladder.
This will show you the top players, the gear, and skills that they are using.  In this screenshot i have selected the "Season Hardcore" ladder and i have selected the "Demon Hunter Greater Rift (Hardcore)" list of players in "Season 12".  i can then open up several of the top players in the world.  I am looking for the players using the "The Shadows Mantel" set.  after i have about 10 of these top players who are using the "The Shadows Mantel" set then i can begin to do my deep research on each item and skill they are using.  For example I will look at the gloves that all 10 players are using. if all 10 of them have Dex, vit, Crit hit and Crit Damage, then i know that these are the stats that i should be looking for on the gear that i am looking for.
TIP: as of the writing of this help file, often when i select the top demon hunters from the list of players, Blizzard will give me random other classes.  just ignore these and continue to select the top players untill you find about 10 of the top players who are waring the set/armor that you are interested in.

Website 3
The third website that i would recomend that you visit would be Youtube.  Search for the armor set or build that you are interested in. In this example i am going to search for "The Shadows Mantel" set.  i can then watch several videos of people using this set and i can then determine if this is a play style that i am interested in playing.

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